Bereavement Group

A group to befriend any bereaved people who wish to meet and talk or reflect with others for support. St Joseph's has an annual Mass of Remembrance which is celebrated on the last Thursday of November. If you know of anyone who might be glad of support, or if you are interested in helping, please contact Father Woolley. 





January 2019

Billy McFetridge

Tony Rogers


December 2018

Catherine Costello

Maureen McNulty

Paddy Power

Tina Rushton

Dennis Simmons


November 2018

Ronnie Boyle

Penny McCusker

Jackie O'Brien


October 2018

Kathleen Clements

Ursula Cummins

Ken Burns


September 2018

James Grimes


August 2018

Margaret Bullock

Mary Marsh

Mary Rainford

Baby Sonny Hugo Sobolewski-Foster


July 2018

 Melody Byrne

Nora McDermott

Bill Moore


June 2018

Ged Ging

Gerard O'Connor

Jayne Rigg

Margaret Summergill


May 2018

Susan Brown

Bridget Delia Cruise

Margaret Summersgill

James Patrick Woods

Margaret Summersgill


April 2018

Anne Chadwick

Imelda Jones

Kieran Mulkeen

Catherine Royle

Annie O'Sullivan

Jean Shelton

Mary Traynor


March 2018

Hilda Cleary

Mary Gray

James Igoe

Gerard Lowe

Michael John Murtagh

Catherine Nixon

David John Quinn

Anne Elizabeth Weston


February 2018

Gerald Bowyer

Maureen Dempsey

Father Stephen Dwyer

Sheila Langeveld

Michael McHugh

Peter Wardle


January 2018

Madeleine Chilstone

John Farrell

Rosie Mary Fernandez

Eileen McMahon

Josephine McQuaid

John Sherard

Canon Harry Stratton

  Peter Wardle


December 2017

Doreen Leary

Elizabeth Leckey

Barbara Marie Parsonage

Florence Sheridan


November 2017

George Catto

Terence Chadwick

Angela Pope

Janina Przepiora

Mary Patricia Sheridan



October 2017

Philomena Gomes

Shelagh Ward



September 2017

Mary Farrell

George Richardson



August 2017

Tony Bell

Brenda Clark

David Madden


July 2017

Elizabeth Mary Briggs

Mercedes Burns

Fereed Gorgees

Mike Grimshaw

Chris Hutton

Jean Raftery

Victor Thian

Barrie Wesley

Patrick Joseph Winston



June 2017

Carol Atherall

Patricia Bracegirdle

Pauline Cross

Bernadette Cunningham

Gerard Hayward

Mary McBride

Mary McGhee

John Mulkeen


May 2017

John Shaun Burke

Andrew Jonas



April 2017

Roseanne 'Jo' Doran

Maureen Gavaghan

Michael Henney

Carmela (Lina) Ollier


March 2017

Brian Riley

Jane Sheridan


 February 2017

Kathleen Beresford

William Duffy

Alan Massey

Father Francis Meehan

John Joseph Palmer

Martin Reynolds

David Scanlon

John Sherlock


January 2017

David Neil Bramfit
Philip James Briggs
Margaret Carey
Donald Houghton
Frederick Maher
Katherine O’Hara-Heath
Graham Sheridon
Nora Stacey
Robert Verity


December 2016

Maureen Howie

John George Oughton

Judith Stanistreet


November 2016

Mary Brennan

Patricia Clayton

Margaret Finn

Sheila Helsby

Gary McFetridge


October 2016

Richard Joseph Farrell


September 2016


Madeleine Hill
John Muldoon
Josie Murtagh
Donald Stewart
Maria Wadsworth

August 2016

Baby James Peter Weatherilt

Margaret Barrow

Arthur Gavaghan

Peter Hutton

Jack Mason

James (Jim) Speed

Kevin Travers


July 2016

Paul Broadley

John McCarthy

Nicholas Murphy


June 2016

Sadie Massey

Elizabeth Josephine Taylor


May 2016

Francis Ford

Anthony Peter Kelly


April 2016

Ewa Maciejewicz

Nora McDonnell


March 2016

Agnes Daly

James Lee

Marie-Madeleine Robson

Barbara Willcock


February 2016

William Joseph Mahmood

Angela McFetridge

Margaret Morehead (Pearl)

Robert Charles Richards

Stella Sails


January 2016

Stella Ardern

John Ellison

Hazel Gordon

Peter Keelan

Michael Peter Lucas

Avril Pickin


December 2015

William Dominic Dawson

Mary Duffy

Hazel Gordon

Peter Raftery

Marie Reardon


November 2015

William Gerald Gibbons

Denis Albert Hutton

Michael McCrudden


October 2015

June O'Gorman

Charles Styles

Harry Saunders


September 2015

Michael Joseph Smythe


August 2015

Malachy Concannon

Fiona Cox

Eddie Foulkes

Anslow Joseph Holton

Carmel Howells

Peter Rea

Margaret Warren


July 2015

Mary Lattimer

Michael Reynolds

Michael Vincent Tracey


June 2015

Michael Kirk Watterson


May 2015

Gerard Attenbury

Frank Bryant

Sheila Gudgeon

Brian Hawkes


April 2015

Maureen Delihan

Mary Relihan


March 2015

Graham Coldrick


February 2015

Maureen Cartmell

John Cawley

Bridget 'Bridge' Connors

Catherine Duff
Kevin Flannigan

Tony Ford

Pat Langford

Helen Moore

Laura Povah


January 2015

Keith Barlow

Marlene Entwistle

Robert McClure

Edward Rothwell

Mary Weston

Stanley Williams


December 2014

Michael Thomas Carney

Tony Huish

Mary Lackner

Brian Thomas Lee

Agnes Wambui Ngunga

Susannah Robertson


November 2014

Geoff Barnes


October 2014

Mary Elizabeth Lloyd

John Ryan

Samuel Stephen Johnson

Edward George Gorman

Winifred Neary

John Connor

Fred Barrow

Ellen Wilde


September 2014

Seamus (James) Hancock
John (Jack) McMurrugh


August 2014

Patricia Margaret Willetts

Father Peter Robertson

Father Denis Marmion

John Dominic Ryan


July 2014

Michael McLoughlin

Arthur Smith

Bishop Philip Egan's Father


June 2014

Ronald Jones

Mary Teresa Wright

John Feeney

Monsignor John Williams

Father James Benedict Jones SCJ


May 2014

Cathleen Asbury

Mary Duffy

Katherine Ryan

Michael Whitelegg